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your step-by-step guide to finally getting your marketing right and building the thriving business you always wanted 


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You’re a talented, short-on-time fitness business owner who needs to optimize what you've got, get more clients and take control of the future of your business...
... and you're tired of spinning your wheels

That's why you're here. 

You've figured out how to get this far with a lot of hard work.

What keeps you going is the joy you get from teaching and seeing your clients get stronger and healthier week after week.

But, you never expected to be on a treadmill of "feast or famine" where you have some good months and some less than good, and let's not even mention the mile-long to-do list just to "make things work" in 2020.



honest talk: even though you're an amazing teacher, building a profitable and sustainable business requires a different set of skills


where do you start?

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried it all and you're so overwhelmed by everything you have going on that you just don’t know where focus and what will make a difference.

You’ve worked hard to become a great teacher and make a REAL difference to your clients lives


I know you want more from your business.

The good news? YOU don't need to change, but, you do need to change the way you talk about your business and what you focus on in your business.

And, finally learn the skills you need to build the business you want

You’re looking for answers, solutions, support and ease - that’s why you’re here.

And, if you’re willing to implement my formula and take action then I can help you build the business you want.



In just 6 weeks you'll have a proven marketing strategy in place and a repeatable system for getting and retaining clients for years to come.


(Imagine how that will feel!)



Get the methods, tools and inspiration to:



    Even if you have new clients enquiring regularly, once you have a strategy and systems in place you can dial up or down your marketing and bring new clients into your business whenever you want.


    Getting strategic about your business puts you in complete control. You'll no longer have to rely purely on hope to get new clients. Instead you'll bring in sustainable revenue that will give you the freedom you've been looking for


    Your current clients are your lifeline. So when they walk out the door and don't come back, it hits your profit immediately. You need strategies to effectively retain your clients (and win-back old clients) and ensure they stick around year after year.

    What clients are willing to pay is down to how they perceive the value you offer. Here's the secret - you DRIVE that value with the way you talk about what you do. This is all about results-driven marketing messaging - and it's a profitability game changer.

    Systems are designed to operate with minimal input. Find out where the gaps are and you can win back that time and spend it working out, with your favorite people or reading that book that's been collecting dust on the nightstand!


Join the waitlist and be the first to hear when enrollment opens


The Marketing Intensive Program is the foundation for developing a strong sustainable business that supports you and brings you ease and joy


instead of spinning your wheels in marketing mud, you’ll finally get the knowledge and support you need to build the business you want



✓ Instead of dropping prices you’ll be thinking about raising them…

✓ Instead of struggling to become known, share your expertise and knowledge and finally get recognition for the amazing work you do... 

✓ Instead of getting clients who aren’t willing to commit, you'll attract clients who are consistent and engaged and eager to learn… 

✓ Instead of chasing people who weren’t really interested, you'll develop loyal long-lasting relationships with clients who recommend you to all their friends!


"Before I was feeling pretty lost in my marketing and branding pursuits. I'm a Pilates teacher! I've been teaching for over 20 years - teaching I know. Marketing myself, not so much. Since working with Seran I have attracted new clients and nurtured the ones I already had"

Molly Niles-Renshaw, Pilates Studio Owner

What's inside the Marketing Intensive?

Each week you'll get access to a new module inside the members area:

week 1: discover your brand

  • A deep dive into your brand and what you do that makes you unique

  • How to stand apart from the competition and be memorable 

  • ** this is the foundation for all our work ahead**

week 2: the power of knowing your value

  • The major mindset shift that has to happen before you can be successful at marketing

  • Where your marketing should focus to get more clients

  • The top mistakes I see (and how to avoid them)

week 3: magnetize your message to attract your dream client

  • How to identify your perfect client and create a strong connection to them through your messaging

  • What to say to your clients so that they say YES to your studio

  • How to share your expertise in a way that build credibility and trust

week 4: your strategy for success

  • The complete blueprint to a purposeful marketing strategy

  • Build out all the strategies you need to attract and retain your clients (year after year)
  • How to nurture a newbie with an amazing experience and turn them into a raving fan

week 5: amplify your marketing

  • How to create content that converts those who are "just looking" into newbie clients

  • Step-by-step how to map out your marketing calendar and remove the "what shall I say" paralysis

  • Deep Dive: Effective Email Marketing

BONUS module: your signature offering

  • Why you need a signature offering inside your business 

  • My Program Creation Framework (for online programs, in-person programs and hybrid programs)

  • How to price, name and launch your signature program or offering

 Plus: weekly group strategy calls throughout the program with Seran to work on strategies and tactics that will work for your studio business.


Module Support Resources Include:

  • Sample Brand Package
  • Key phrases that help make a sale

  • My Intro Offer Formula

  • How To Build A Successful Referral Program

  • Marketing Ideas: What You Can Do To Create Awareness For Your Studio Business
  • Sample scripts for phone and email
  • Marketing Content Planner
  • And so much more!

This program has made a huge impact on the way I communicate with clients and potential clients. Seran has shined a spotlight on the gaps in my business but in the most encouraging and positive ways. She is brilliant at gently guiding me in a focused and productive direction. She creates a space that allows me to be creative and flourish yet work with laser focus. That is why she is and forever will be, my North Star!

Carrie Russo, Pilates Studio Owner 

When you join you'll get:


➡️  5 core training modules filled with step-by-step action plans, tactics and insight ($2,100 value)

➡️ Module workbooks that will help you learn and implement change inside your business

➡️ Bonus module: How To Create Your Signature Offer (in studio, online or a hybrid of both) ($400 value)

➡️  Six live group strategy calls with Seran via Zoom where you can get all your questions answered on Tuesdays at 1.15pm ET (and access to the recordings if you can't make it live) ($1200 value)

➡️  Accountability so you stay on track with your goals. (Unlike other programs that let you disappear half way and not get results, you'll be held accountable to the very end so you always make progress every week!)

➡️  A supportive group community to share your questions and wins - you're in this together! You'll be able to leverage the group's knowledge and feedback to accelerate your progress even more.

➡️ Countless module support resources and downloads including: templates, scripts, checklists and swipe files you can use immediately in your business ($900) 


➡️  BONUS email and social media copy swipe files ($500 value)

➡️  BONUS How To Get Amazing Testimonials (and actually use them) ($97 value)

➡️  BONUS How To Write Emails That Get Attention  ($297 value)


When you add it all up, that’s a value of OVER $5,400!!

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I cannot wait to lead you during these 6 weeks

This program is the process I've been using 1:1 with my private clients for over 8 years to help them fill in the gaps in their marketing and help them build strong, sustainable and profitable businesses year after year.


This is the most comprehensive marketing program available in our industry and I'm offering to you now for 1 reason: I'm tired of seeing you struggle through your marketing.


If you are an expert in what you do yet your business isn't flourishing, you owe it to yourself to get access to the tools, guidance and resources you need to make a change.


This is the missing link that will help you build the business you want.

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The Marketing intensive  is PERFECT for you if:

  1. You have your own studio or online teaching business and you want to increase revenue

  2. You want systems and tactics for attracting clients and making more sales

  3. You’ve honed your teaching skills to the max and you’re ready to stop stressing out about where the next client will come from and start making your business more sustainable

  4. You want more visibility and you’re ready to step up your marketing game

  5. You’re ready to take action and shift your mindset to a place of financial success

If you said yes to at least 3 of the above then it's a match!

"Since starting just 5 days ago, I already found myself wanting to tell people why they should be coming to my studio! My mind is operating from that place already!"

Valerie, Pilates Studio Owner

Here's why this what your business needs now:


There are a ton of different marketing tactics out there that *could* work to get your studio more clients.


(Just google and see)


But, let's face it, you don't have time to waste on tactics that don't work.


You need results orientated strategies and industry specific guidance that you can call on again and again as you grow.


And you need it NOW.


You'll find all of this (and more) inside my program.


Yes! I want to know when enrollment opens!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 6 modules in the program, which you can access as soon as you enroll. You have access to all the content immediately so that you can go as quickly as you like.

The group coaching calls start in the first week of the program and last 6 consecutive weeks. 

Beyond this, if you'd like continued support you are welcome to join my implementation mastermind, the Inner Circle.

I do plan on offering the Marketing Intensive again, but I can't guarantee that the price, the structure or the content will remain the same. If you're ready to go, I recommend you jump on board and take full advantage of everything this round.

You'll get an email from me with your log in details and an invitation to tell me more about you and your business so that I can help you as we go through the program.

From there, you'll get plenty of communication from me on what you should be focused on as you progress through the 6 week program.

Yes - absolutely. This is a high tough group program so you'll have lots of opportunities to get your questions answered.


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