now is the time to think strategically,

and to take focused action to build your business.

(this is the help you've been looking for)


Wondering what's next for your studio business?

In the last few months

You've opened, closed, gone virtual, re-opened (with virtual)... and now you're wondering...

What's next?

Where do I focus?

How can I ensure my business grows from here?

I get it, the uncertainty is overwhelming....

but, now is not the time to "wait and see".

There is opportunity out there for you and I know this because:

  • Your clients want to connect with you 
  • Your clients need you (now more than ever!)
  • The only way to sustain your business through this challenging time is to take smart purposeful action


Yes, you CAN continue to serve your clients, impact your community and bring revenue into your business

you just need a the right strategies, support and focus!

That's what you'll find inside my

Inner Circle

a business and marketing community that will support you as you navigate the business of wellness


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What's Inside?

(The keys to you building your business)


During the bi-weekly LIVE Q&A you'll get the chance to ask your questions and discuss the next best step for you and your business.


Each month new trainings are added to the members filled with relevant, practical strategies and tactics to help you build your business.


Your time is valuable, that's why there are templates and checklists waiting for you inside the members area (including email templates and social media captions you can use as your own!)


Looking for a group of fellow go-getters who you can learn from and collaborate with? You'll find them inside! 


I only share relevant, practical tips and tools that will help take your business forward and that will help you navigate the next step.


Don't get stuck in the overwhelm. With regular accountability check-ins this group will keep you on track for success.

"This intimate group has been a godsend. My business is different for the better since I joined this group. My mindset has shifted - it seems simple but I've seen a profound shift in my business. Since working with Seran I have attracted new clients and nurtured the ones I already had. I'm not sure I could've survived this crazy time in my business without Seran and this supportive Inner Circle. "

Molly Niles Renshaw
Studio Owner



Stop waiting for clients to figure out why you're different from the rest. Find out how to tap into what makes you unique to attract and retain clients in this deep-dive workshop.



When you're communicating with clients and prospect clients online, the content you deliver HAS to resonate and be relevant to your clients.

Find out how to put together a marketing plan that delivers value, creates connection and helps you promote your services all while building a long-lasting relationship with your clients and prospect clients.



Discover my 5 step framework that will bring you more sales with more ease and less stress.

Plus you'll also get:


  • Live Q&A via Zoom (EVERY WEEK) with Seran where you can ask your questions and get coached LIVE (valued at ($2500)
  • Full access to a library of trainings immediately (valued at $2000)

  • An active FB membership community where you can ask questions, get feedback and find inspiration from fellow members (and Seran too!)

  • NEW Trainings delivered monthly to the members area on pricing, marketing, sales, retention (and SO much more) (valued at $1950)

  • Templates for emails and social media posts you can use in your business immediately (members say this alone is a HUGE time-saver for them and has made a BIG difference in their businesses) (valued at $500+)

  • BONUS resources, interviews, accountability sessions and step-by-step guides to prepare you for what's next (valued at $800)

What's inside the library waiting for you?

In addition to the core training: 

  • Step-by-Step Guide: How To Get Great Testimonials
  • How To Use Testimonials To Boost Your Marketing
  • LIST: Go-To Marketing Tools And Resources
  • Training: How To Recession Proof Your Studio
  • Step-by-Step Guide: How To Run A Studio Challenge
  • What You Need On Your Website Checklist
  • Training: How To Make The First Session A Mega Success
  • Email Template: Asking For A Referral
  • Email Template: Win Back Campaign
  • Training: Harnessing The Power Of Email
  • Training: Master Your Productivity
  • BONUS: Setting Up A Facebook Ad

And... SO much more!

wondering what it's like having this level of training, resources and support?

"The inner circle provides me with the connection and accountability I need as a solo studio owner. I feel supported and the trainings provide much needed direction for my business. So glad I joined, connecting each week on our live meeting and through our facebook group is exactly what I need! "

Christine DeFilippis
Pop Fit Studio, PA

""I'm so glad I did the Inner Circle, love the group of studio owners you brought together. Am also glad to have some direction and accountability because right now I feel like I am just putting out fires rather than building a plan to put into action."

Victoria Capan
Studio Owner, Pilates On 66, New York City



  • Your community for support, guidance and inspiration
  • Highly relevant training for what you're going through RIGHT NOW
  • Creative Ideas for marketing your business during this challenging time
  • A group of like-minded ambitious studio owners to inspire you 
  • Private online forum for 24/7 answers to your questions and all the support you need


I know that many business owners are financially tight right now. Which is why this program is priced at a point where it will pay for itself if you use all the value and resources found inside.


"What makes the Inner Circle so amazing is that it's great feedback and advice from a real person who is genuinely interested in my growth"

Lana Sealy
Body Mekanix, Barbados

Ready to stop being stuck?

Join now and get immediate access to the resources in the members area and participate in our call this week!



Auto-renews each month

cancel anytime




Auto-renews every 3 months

equivalent to $166/month


a note from seran...


After putting together a quick and dirty training all about how to go online as COVID-19 hit, and seeing how many studio owners and teachers accessed that workshop, I knew I had to do more.

This membership is the best way I know to help you to continue making forward strides in your business, and come out the other side of this crisis stronger. I’m taking all my knowledge about marketing and business building, and showing you how to apply it in a way that helps your clients and creates a stronger business than you had before.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside.


Inside the private FB community...

The private FB group is filled with tips, insight and support from fellow members - you are surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and experience!

build your business for a stronger future inside the Inner Circle

Frequently Asked Questions

Inside the Inner Circle membership area, you'll get access to trainings, resources, guides, templates and checklists. Plus LIVE Q&A zoom recordings and special bonus interviews with experts and guests.

The Facebook group is where all our real-time support, questions, feedback and insight lives and is a thriving hub filled with inspiration.

You get the chance to submit questions  to the Live Q&A and ask questions specific to your business in the Facebook group. 

That's entirely your choice! There is approximately an hour of content each week, some weeks more and some weeks a little less. That's in addition to the library of content that sits inside the membership.


The LIVE Q&A session is around 45 minutes long and the training videos and guides vary in length - we strive to keep the content short so that you have time to be able to implement the ideas quickly.

That said, there is a library of resources inside the program and you can choose to spend as much time as you'd like in there! 

I am completely devoted to your success, if during the program you need help or support, ask and you will get it from the group and from me. By investing in your business and making a commitment to yourself and others you are more likely to succeed. Because of this, and the nature of the program no refunds are available.


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